WFF Expands Educational Opportunities For Women With Our Computer Donation Program 
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Sarah, a young woman refugee, is accepted into the United States from a country that refuses to honor women’s’ rights.  Upon arrival, she is given a computer by a friend who saw her potential and was willing to help.

Now she is an amazing graphic artist, teaching others her craft and providing a great service to the community.  She tells us she could not have done this without the friend who gave her the computer. She credits her on-line learning opportunities as to what got her where she is today.  We also see it as her strong personal desire to learn.  This one computer gave her the means to exercise her amazing natural talent and a way to provide a great community contribution.

For newly arrived refugees and migrants integrating into local USA communities, computers are an essential tool to create a link to language access and learning; civic participation; education, jobs, equal opportunity and good health and well-being.  Helping people in this group get access to technology is an important factor in positive immigrant integration.

WOMEN’S FREEDOM FORUM Computer Donation Program

Computers and technology have changed the way people live in the world.  But many of the world’s poor, particularly women, refugees, and migrants have limited access to these technologies.

WFF is seeking financial support and/or accepting donated computers to help bridge this gap. Your donation will allow WFF to buy and/or equip computers with specific educational software and provide them to refugees and migrants in the USA.  A gift of a laptop computer or a contribution toward a new or refurbished one will help women like Sarah become productive citizens in the USA for all the reasons we noted above.

Your donation starts a chain of events that lead to economic advancement and broader benefits for women.  Achieving the WFF mission with educating, informing, advocating and empowering, we also strive to improve the educational and knowledge level of refugees in new communities.

WFF knows that in today’s fast-paced world, computer literacy is essential and computers need to be accessible to every individual.

WFF ‘s goal is to provide 200 computers to refugee and immigrant women who come to the USA  and do not have the ability to purchase one on their own.   We will track their path and share the increased self-confidence and learning curve that each recipient exhibits.

You and/or Your Organization Can Be a Part of this “Women’s Empowerment Program.”

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