Working From Within 2016

Working From Within 2016


This year’s events brought about unprecedented instability for the mullahs’ ruling Iran.  The Iranian people’s rejection of the regime in its entirety while demanding a democratic government, the clerical regime’s total isolation while losing its friends in the West in its duel with the international community to acquire the nuclear bomb as well as the major blows it received strategically in export of terrorism to neighboring countries and the region as a whole, joined hands to create a deep division within the Iranian regime.  To survive, the mullahs stepped up suppression and committed systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, further deteriorating the already appalling situation in Iran.

Last year, Iran executed 543 people, including 10 women and 322 prisoners who were secretly hanged in various prisons. This year Iran has so far announced the execution of 221 prisoners, 34 of whom were hanged in public.

Iran has also stepped up the use of cruel punishments such as hand amputations and public floggings to intimidate the public.

Torture is widely used to pressure prisoners to make false confessions. They are later hanged or sentenced to long prison terms based of these confessions. Political prisoners are denied their basic rights in prison and are kept in abhorrent conditions. Most political prisoners are denied medical care.

Women are systematically terrorized, repressed, and deprived of humane activities. The mullahs’ brutality however has failed to rein in the Iranian women’s demand for a democratic and equal life and they are present at the forefront of all democratic protests.

In addition to university students who are systematically summoned, deprived from education and imprisoned, monitored by hidden cameras, and their freedom of speech violated in the student press, this year, the university faculty and professors have also been badly suppressed and targeted.

Today, in an open contravention of international laws, suppressive agents have been organized inside universities under the banner of security, disciplinary and Bassij forces. Intelligence agents with plain clothes also enjoy freedom of action on campus and are deployed outside by the State Security Force.

Discrimination against religious and national minorities has also aggravated. Azeri, Kurd, Arab, Baluch and other activists have been repressed and executed en mass. Ordinary citizens have neither been spared. Kurdish citizens as well as dozens of inhabitants of border villages have been arbitrarily killed.

Christians and Baha’is have been detained and persecuted. Baha’i students are systematically denied the right to education and have been expelled from universities. This type of persecution is no longer limited to religious minorities, Sunni and Sufi Shiites, but it also includes religious Shiite authorities who oppose Khamenei’s medieval regime.

Journalists and the press are censored and repressed. Reporters without borders describe Iran as the largest prison for reporters and one of the major enemies of the Internet.  The internet services are in the control of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and “internet criminals” are charged with “waging war on God” and sentenced to death.

The present collection aims to show a picture – although inadequate — of the pervasive crimes committed against the oppressed people of Iran and seek help to restitute their trampled rights.

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