Working From Within 2013

Working From Within 2013

Working From Within: Situation of Women and Youth in Iran

This year, our edition of Working From Within: Situation of Women and Youth in Iran 2013 is thinner than previous editions. By no means does this mean human rights violations in Iran are fewer or waning. In fact, the reality is the exact opposite. Since Hassan Rohani was sworn in as president in 2013, mass arrests, detentions, and executions have been on the rise. The situation is so dire that reports coming out of Iran are even harder to come by.

Our team of activists and networks within Iran has risked their lives to bring us the valuable information we present in this book. Many have been arrested in the process, further limiting our sources of accurate information.
We have presented all the data gathered by our brave team, while recognizing that these reports represent only a small fraction of the brutalities that have occurred since Rohani became President.

This book has been made possible by the courageous men and women of Iran, more specifically the women’s and human rights activists, bloggers, journalists, students, professors, religious and ethnic minorities, and workers, all of whom risked their lives and safety and are under constant threat and hardship. These heroes have risked so much in order to shed light on the ongoing human rights abuses occurring within the country. They are continually charged with “Moharebeh” or “enmity against God,” and are censored, suppressed, detained, imprisoned, executed, stoned, and tortured.

In admiration and honor of their continued selfless endeavors, we dedicate this book to them.

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