Working From Within – 2009

Working From Within – 2009

Report on Status of Women & Youth in Iran: January – December 2009

A detailed and raw account of the most current human rights violations within Iran, including personal statements obtained from family members of detained political activists in such notorious prisons as Evin and Gohardasht. With a focus on the status of women, and youth, including ethnic and religious minorities, this report serves as a powerful tool for scholars and NGO’s alike, as well as government institutions and any other individual or group interested in acquiring a more in depth view of the current human rights situation in Iran. Available for purchase today!

ImageAbout the Report:

The contents were gathered throughout the course of this past year and were compiled with the help of various women’s and human rights advocacy organizations. Further, information was provided by the families of political prisoners and human rights activists based within Iran.

Inside the Report:

  • Hundreds of pages of detailed facts and accounts that guide readers on the full extent of human rights violations in Iran
  • Comparative Charts of Right to Life – 2008 vs. 2009: Executions, Stoned to Death, Women Executions, Minor Executions, Political Executions
  • List of Executions in Iran from January – December 2009
  • List of Political arrestees and prisoners in Iran – 2009
  • List of Arbitrary killings in Iran after the June 12, 2009 elections


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