Working from Within 2011

Working from Within 2011
Dec 31, 2011 at 04:51 PM

ImageThe 4th volume of the Book Working From Within series titled: “Working From Within 2011 – Report on the Status of Women & Youth in Iran” has been published today.

The Working from Within 2011 depicts the unheard stories about the status of youth, women, religious and ethnic minorities. It depicts untold stories of Iranians from all walks of life. It opens eyes to the reality, hardship and suppression that Iranians face everyday for liberty and freedom in using internet, fashion and the most basic freedoms of every individual like thinking and conscious.

Downloadable PDF, 728 pages. 
Downloadable Excerpts in PDF format:
Chapter 7 – Suppression of Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Chapter 9 – Violence against women

This study is a compilation of reports from hundreds of witnesses and families in Iran who risked their lives to bring out their stories to the world.  It is the result of thousands of hours of research and translation by volunteers and human rights activists covering horrific accounts of the maltreatment of political prisoners, the tragic executions of innocent lives, and the tactics of suppression & violence against women.  Additionally, as 2011 marked the year of the highest imprisonments, torture, execution and ill-treatment compared to 2010. Charts and lists were created to document those occurrences.

This research illustrates the powerful engine of the people struggle for liberty. As U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, on the International Day of Non-Violence, October 2, 2011, said: “The powerful engine behind that wave of change — beginning in Tunisia and then spreading across North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere — was none other than a non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights.”

This book is unique in gathering all this information and used as a source by all UN member states and human rights organizations, university professors and lawyers in the human rights field.

In the past year, the world witnessed the fall of multiple dictators in North Africa and the Middle East as courageous individuals including women and youth poured into the streets to bring about change in their regions.  The shocking images seen during such uprisings were too familiar to the Iranian people as they also took to the streets in 2009 to voice their opposition to the ruling dictators in Iran.  Among the courageous individuals who took part in these peaceful demonstrations were women and youth who continue to be at the forefront of the struggle to bring about change for the people of Iran.  With increased pressure from the ruling dictators in Iran, the will of the Iranian people to firmly stand for democracy and human rights continues to strengthen.  Today, Iranian women and youth continue their efforts for freedom and democracy, knowing and accepting the heavy risk of torture, imprisonment and execution in the hands of their oppressors. With each voice imprisoned or silenced by the Iranian regime, many more get the courage to stand and lend their voice so that one day the Iranian people can also experience freedom and democracy.



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