Uniting Voices Worldwide VAWG 2020

A Discussion and Call to Action on the Pandemic’s Impact on Women and Girls

How have women from different ethnic and religious communities with diverse backgrounds been hit by the pandemic? Not just in terms of their health, but also in terms of violence at home, and of the inequalities in their societies affecting their professional lives– from sports, to the arts, to entrepreneurs and small business, to students and millennials? A future of gender equality isn’t a dream, it’s the reality of our future, but how much will the pandemic set us back on this path, and what can we do to counteract it on our roadmap to 2030? 

During the 16Days of Activism for the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women, what should the call to action be?

Join our panel of speakers and be part of our global movement of women-led change, especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic, shedding light on all aspects of violence against women in 2020.

We know 2020 has been full of unexpected challenges, but it has also been a year of unbelievable perseverance.  In that spirit, on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, we are hosting our annual event in our continuous effort to recognize and unite all voices worldwide not only to survive, but to thrive together in unchartered waters.

As the UN has stated, violence against women and girls in their homes has surged dramatically throughout the world due to the pandemic’s stresses and restrictions on movement. Our event will call for global action to increase awareness, galvanize advocacy efforts and share knowledge and innovations during UN Women’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

WFF 2020 annual event: Uniting Voices Worldwide to Eliminate Violence Against Women 
Time and Date: 11am EST on Tuesday Nov 24, 2020.


Soolmaz Abooali, Ph.D., conflict resolution scholar, published author, lecturer, and US national and world-champion athlete in traditional karate.

Dr. Abooali will be focusing on how women’s athletic organizations, women athletes, and women working in the sports industry have managed during the pandemic and what the future holds.

Zahra Amanpour, social entrepreneur and founder of Indiegrove and Next Move Strategy in Jersey City, NJ. Her career is dedicated to economic access and equality for women and minority groups. Ms. Amanpour was formerly Executive Director of NYC Business Solutions at the Department of Small Business Services in New York. 

Ms. Amanpour will talk about her role in helping women entrepreneurs, and the status of women in the economy.

Lynn Dykstra, international professional photographer, founder of Our Global Cry for Freedom, and United Nations representative and civil society outreach director of Women’s Freedom Forum.

Ms. Dykstra will focus on the professional artists and the artist community  

Antonia Felix, Ed.D., Moderator, education consultant and researcher specializing in racial and gender equity; author of 24 books including biographies of women leaders Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Sonia Sotomayor, Condoleezza Rice, and others.

Donna M. Hughes, Ph.D., Eleanor M. & Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair and Graduate Director, Gender & Women’s Studies at Rhode Island University; Editor-in-Chief, Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation & Violence.

Dr. Hughes will focus on the increased sexual abuse and exploitation of women and girls during the pandemic, especially on the internet.

Tamila Kianfard, human rights and legal researcher for nonprofits; Women’s Freedom Forum communications director.

Ms. Kianfard will speak about her personal experience working in human rights and in her legal career, the impact of COVID-19, and her message to the younger generation.

David Matas, an international human rights, refugee, and immigration lawyer practicing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; member of the Order of Canada; 2010 Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Mr. Matas’ focus will be on the availability of refugee protection in Canada for women and girls who are fleeing violence directed against them abroad.

Aminah B. McCloud Al-Deen, Ph.D., founder and chair of the Islamic World Studies Program at DePaul University, and one of the preeminent scholars on Islam in America.  Her research, writing, and teaching focus especially on global Muslim cultures, Islam in America, Islamic law, African American Islam and Muslim women in the U.S.  

Dr. Al-Deen will focus on current cultural conditions for African American women in general and Muslim women in particular.

Judy Patacsil, Psy.D., Counselor/Professor and International Education Coordinator at San Diego Miramar College. At Miramar College she initiated Filipino Studies and Filipino language courses to serve the large Filipino community of San Diego. She is also a licensed psychotherapist who leads Mental Health Services at Miramar College.

Dr. Patacsil will be elaborating on the impact of COVID19 and the endurance of the Filipino community 

Mitra Samani, former political prisoner in Iran; survivor-turned activist in support of women and human rights.

Ms. Samani will focus on the pandemic’s impact on Iranian women’s lives and their role on the frontlines fighting Covid 19. Recalling her personal story of surviving Iran’s prisons, she will call for continued advocacy to save the lives of imprisoned female protesters.

Mandy Sanghera, award-winning philanthropist, community consultant and global campaigner as well as international human rights activist. Her work includes supporting victims and survivors of honor-based violence and cultural abuse, such as FGM and forced marriages.

Ms. Sanghera will discuss the impact of COVID19 and its shadow pandemic upon women and communities in developing countries in Asia and Africa, where they have been hit the hardest.

This program will be hosted via Zoom. You will receive additional details Eventbrite registration.


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