15 year old Iran girl jailed for social media activity!

Does anyone arrest us for using the social media to reach a worldwide audience and educate them on women and girls rights? No. Mae’deh needs us to be her voice and use our rights to support her right of expression and to be freed from prison.

Join our Awareness Campaign to Free Mae’deh, jailed for practicing her right of expression on social media.

Mae’deh Shaban Nejad, a 15 year old student has been jailed for more than 70 days in Sepidar Prison, Ahvaz for social media activities on the internet. She is under interrogations and due to severe pressures, she is suffering from internal bleeding and stomach pain. Mae’deh’s family cannot financially get a lawyer and pay the bail of 350 Million Toman, therefore this student is still in detention.  (Iran HRM – May 2018)

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