Advancement of Women – April 24, 2017

Harvard thinks its found the next Einstein – and she’s 23

LinkedIn by Kat Merck | March 23, 2017: Harvard University believes the world’s next Einstein is among us — and she’s a millennial. At age 23, Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski is already one of the most well-known and accomplished physicists in the U.S.

The Cuban-American Chicago native graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in just three years with a 5.0-grade point average, the highest possible, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard with full academic freedom — meaning she can pursue her own study on her own terms without staff interference.

Pasterski first attracted the attention of the scientific and academic community after single-handedly building her own single-engine airplane in 2008, at age 14, and documenting the process on YouTube.

Female Astronaut Peggy Whitson Just Shattered a Record Held by Men

Chime for Change – April 24, 2017: Was that sound a woman breaking through the glass ceiling, or merely the Earth’s atmosphere? It turns it out NASA astronaut and science superstar Peggy Whitson, 56, may have done both.

Whitson broke the NASA record today, previously held by a male astronaut, for most time spent in space on her third tour of duty at the International Space Station.

As of 1:27 a.m. EST, Whitson had spent a total of 534 days, 2 hours, and 49 minutes, blowing past the record held by Jeff Williams, who only had 534 days, 2 hours, and a mere 48 minutes floating out there in the land of E.T.

But for Whitson, it’s just one more record to add to her entry in the space history books. She is also the first woman to command the International Space Station twice, the oldest woman to fly in space for NASA, and the world’s most experienced female spacewalker. She also was the in charge of  NASA’s astronaut office and the first female commander of the Space Station during her 2008 trip to orbit.


Algeria unveils first ever electoral list composed entirely of women

The Daily Sabah – April 21, 2017: An opposition party in Algeria this week unveiled a parliamentary electoral list composed entirely of women.

The first of its kind in the country’s history, the all-female list — led by lawyer Khaduja Buska — includes candidates with backgrounds in law, medicine and public administration.

The list was drawn up by the Algerian National Front, a “centrist” opposition party led by former presidential candidate Moussa Touati.


Muslim women preachers enlisted in Egypt’s fight against extremism

Sydney Morning Herald – April 23, 2017: In an ornately decorated prayer room, Nour al-Hoda al-Gammal delivers an impassioned sermon to a small group of women while their kids fidget restlessly.

Preaching in Egypt, the largest Arab nation with a deeply religious and patriarchal society, is a profession mostly reserved for men.

But Gammal, 30, who has been preaching for about a year, is one of thousands of female preachers who have cultivated a loyal following of women. Her carefully updated Facebook page has over 600,000 likes.

“We wanted to move beyond the idea of traditional sheikhs or that we are unapproachable scholars; rather we are at your service, to teach you,” she told Fairfax Media.


Ancient Egyptian martial art enters modern world, opens to women

Al-Monitor – April 1, 2017: Both fate and her fondness for tahteeb, a stick-fighting type of martial arts, played a role in the life of Rania Medhat, the first Egyptian woman ever certified as an instructor in this art, which dates back to the days of the pharaohs.

“I am the first woman [in Egypt] ever to play and teach tahteeb,” Medhat, 24, proudly told Al-Monitor. Medhat is a physical education teacher at a girls-only school in Nekheila village, in the Upper Egypt governorate of Assuit.

She has long adored tahteeb. “I have been fond of this art since my childhood. I’ve always watched the competitors’ performances in the Egyptian cinema because in Upper Egypt, women are not allowed to attend among the spectators,” she said.

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