Exhibition: Women Against Islamic Extremism; Faces of Courage & Commitment

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Photo Exhibition: Women Against Islamic Extremism

Meet the Faces of Courage & Commitment 

On Tuesday November 22nd, WFF held a photo exhibition “Women Against Islamic Extremism; Faces of Courage and Commitment” in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As UNSG Ban Ki-Moon has called for “meaningful” action to prevent and respond to violence against women, WFF joins the 16 day of activism campaign to educate and teach that such violence against women is a serious obstacle to sustainable development.

Simultaneously three UN experts warned that fundamentalism and populism pose deepening threat to women human rights defenders.

Congressional staffers and representatives of human rights organizations participated in this exhibition which visualized and presented both faces of women human rights defenders who are currently imprisoned for their believes and faces of courageous women who have fallen for freedom while standing up for the rights of women in Middle East societies.

Professor Fran Belisle, who has served in the U.S. diplomatic corps in Algeria, Turkey and Canada spoke at the event.

She stressed that “Throughout history women have been the first targets of religious extremism. From Eve taking the fall for the apple to Daesh practicing sexual jihad, women have borne the brunt of fundamentalism.”

One participant expressed her view as such, “As I entered the Cannon Caucus Room, I was moved and inspired by all the photos I saw; brave women activists who are imprisoned, and brave women who have died fighting for a cause greater than themselves. Seeing their photos makes me want to work harder to help and be their voice”.

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