The Next Billion Entrepreneurs

women-entrepeneursThere’s an abundance of advice and literature on the key factors that make a business successful. Ask any expert, and they’ll likely give you a long list that includes delivering a product that has a market need, great market timing, a team that can execute together, and many others.

But until recently, one factor has been the best-kept secret in business… and it’s likely not what you think. In a nutshell, it’s women. While men are most often at the helm of a company, it’s becoming more evident that women are driving increased business success. And they’re turning the heads of high profile male leaders, big name corporations, and even governments, who are not only taking notice of their leadership skills, but emerging as their biggest advocates.

Billionaire investor, Warren Buffet, is a vocal supporter of female leadership. He announced publicly that renowned journalist/editor, Carol Loomis and former Washington post publisher, Katharine Graham are his role models. In his popular 2013 essay that appeared in Fortune magazine, he also argued for expanding business opportunities for women.

Kevin O’Leary, investor in the American reality television series, SharkTank, agrees women are assets when it comes to running a successful business. In a recent Business Insider article he stated that, out of the twenty-seven companies in his investment portfolio, not a single company run by a man has outperformed the ones run by women. (Fifty-five percent of his companies have female CEOs).



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