Jun 12, 2006 at 02:11 PM
Women’s Freedom Forum
On June 12, 2006 over 6,000 Iranian women gathered in the 7 Tir Circle, in Tehran, to protest against misogynous policies within the country.  In a statement release by the Steering Committee of this event it has been stated:
“On June 12 we will gather from 5 to 6 pm in 7 Tir Circle to announce that we, the women of Iran, are fed up with the contempt disrespect imbedded in the law and the immoral shadow that these discriminatory laws have created over our lives, and they must be changed.


We want to state that “We are women, we too are citizens of this nation and we have rights” we want our rights. If we say the legal age of marriage should be raised to 18, those in charge and those who fear the instability of the foundation of the family must acknowledge that according to figures released, 87 % of marriages in which the bride is between the ages 15-19 end in divorce.

Many women have turned to self immolation, many young girls are running away from home, honor killings have turned into a daily ritual, domestic violence and wife-killings have overwhelmingly increased, the roots of these tragedies and numerous other calamities are these unjust laws which not only do not support women but they also create the situation to suppress them, which forces women to retaliate, but unfortunately they are the main victims in most cases.
Government officials all know too well that our request for change in these misogynous laws has nothing to do with this or that administration or faction, these have been the demands of women since the constitution was put into law, and women in our country have been fighting for their rights for over a century. ”
ImageProtesters who were joined by students, freedom loving men and workers of Tehran’s Bus Company, chanted “Freedom, freedom”, “Put an end to misogyny”, “We are human beings but have no rights”, “We want equal rights”, “misogynous laws must be abolished”, “We are women, We are humans, We are citizens of this nation”, “Respect children’s rights”.  The protests have spread to Mirdamad district of Tehran and many who have tried to join the demonstration have been arrested.  According to phone reports, in one area, it has been reported that 3 mini-buses filled with arrested protestors have been taken away to an undisclosed location; in another area 100 women have been arrested.  Anyone seen with a cell phone is arrested on charges of giving reports from the gathering.
In efforts to curtail this protest State Security Forces (SSF) have set up road blocks and are using tear gas to disperse the attendees while attacking them with batons and severely wounding dozens.  The names of some of those who have been arrested are as follows:
Masoumeh Loghmani, Noushin Ahmadi khorasani, Delaram Aramfar, Foad Shams, Delaram Ali.
Many women have sat on the ground forming a human chain to continue the protest while passing out fliers and shouting “shame on you” to the SSF.
A similar protest was held by Iranian women last year on this day, a week before the election of Ahmadinejad.  Where they called for greater rights and a boycott of the Presidential election.

Photos of this years protest
Reports and pictures from last year’s event

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