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Jul 10, 2005 at 12:00 AM
ImageNational Press Club, Holeman Lounge, July 1, 2005 – Women’s Freedom Forum held a panel discussion entitled, “Islamic Fundamentalism and Women”. The discussion was aired live by CSPAN2 and various panelists spoke about women’s rights, equality and Islamic fundamentalism and how without the active involvement of women, the fight against fundamentalism cannot be won.
The video of this program is available for sale on C-Span.Click here for the transcript of the program in PDF format.

ImageTribute to Dr. Brenda Elaine Pillors, by Mrs. Paula Corrado
Zolal Habibi, Women’s Freedom Forum, researcher and analyst
“Illusion or Reality”, documentary on poverty in Iran

Andrew Mackinley, British MP, Labour Party

Mike Hancock, British MP, Liberal Democrat Party

Dr. Carole Fontaine, Taylor Professor of Biblical Theology and Religion
Sister Louise Akers, S.C., Devine Minister
Sofey Saidi, Iranian Human Rights and Women’s Right’s Activist
Professor Donna Hughes, Endowed Chair of Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island
Video Speech of Maryam Rajavi, “Leading the Challenge Against Islamic Fundamentalism”

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