Documentary Film – George Washington University – 2004

Women in Trafficking in Iran, Victims of Islamic Fundamentalism

George Washington University, Marvin Center, April 1, 2004

Women’s Freedom Forum hosted the screening of a documentary film “Women of Trafficking in Iran, Victims of Islamic Fundamentalism” on Thursday, April 1, 2004 at George Washington University’s Marvin Center.
The documentary film provided a glimpse of the plight of Iranian women under the rule of religious fanatics in power in Iran.
The film showed how prostitution and trafficking of women and girls has dramatically increased in Iran over the past few years. This increase is particularly striking for a country, founded and ruled by religious fundamentalists who have made sexual repression, particularly of women, one of their central ruling tenants.

Furthermore, while the fanatic government in Iran stones women to death for adultery, the interviewers in their own words testify that Iranian government officials and religious clerics are involved in trafficking and prostitution and make big profit from sex trade.

Moslem Mansouri, who won praise for his work at New York University and was, awarded the best film prize in France, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, and Sweden, created this film, which is a series of interviews with women who have fallen victim to prostitution.

President of Near East Democratic Association at George Washington University welcomed guests. After the screening of the film, Ms. Samsami discussed misogyny in Iran and underscored that the fundamentalist thinking, emanating from Tehran was threatening the achievements of the civilized world, particularly those of women.

Ms. Samsami emphasized that women in Iran, Iraq and other Muslim countries are facing a growing threat to their rights and status as Islamic fundamentalists gain more power. She warned about situation of Iraqi women as they are facing increasing harassment by the fundamentalists and called on all women’s rights activists to unite against fundamentalism.

The event received coverage in The Washington Times had a brief report and Radio Farda taped the event. That report is available at

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